The New Age of Accountability

“Accreditors have to embrace a commitment to high quality and improved student outcomes.”

                                                           –Virginia Foxx, U.S. House Committee Chair on Education

The recent comments from U.S. House of Representatives Committee Chair on Education Virginia Foxx addressed the need to eventually pass the baton of educational accountability to regionally and nationally accredited agencies. Chair Representative Foxx further stated that it has never been and never should be the federal government’s role to judge the quality of a school’s education programs. All higher education institutions will be challenged to determine how best to meet performance criteria to satisfy independent accrediting agencies.

A report conducted by Moody Services projects that, in 2017, more than 20 U.S. higher education institutions will face closure. This trend is likely to continue and will create great concern regarding an education institution’s ability to deliver positive student outcomes.

Higher education institutions understand that negative student outcomes can jeopardize the vital link accrediting agencies offer in securing state and federal funding for both institutions and students. As a direct result, institutions are highly motivated to search for real answers to a few key questions:

  • How do we effectively measure a student’s education progress and outcome?
  • Upon recognizing a student’s specific learning issue within their education journey, how can we proactively resolve that issue to ensure a positive education outcome?              

An education institution’s ability to quantitatively prove that they are doing everything possible to meet and exceed student and agency expectations is the key to success.    

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