A Summertime SIS BBQ in Canvas (And You're Invited!)

Our summer here in Utah is heating up, and we have something on the grill we want to tell you all about. We’ll give you a hint! It involves a SIS partnership and our obsession with open standards. If this sounds exciting to you (and it totally should), grab your popsicles and read on.


Last fall, we announced our deepened partnership with Kimono—a leading integration solutions provider with a ton of experience in the world of SIS. Similar to our relationship with AWS, we’re utilizing the expertise of Kimono to enable SIS rostering and grade passback in Canvas in various ways. And guess what! The best part is that all of this new, standards-driven functionality will be rolled into Canvas as part of our core product, with no added cost to our clients. You can't beat that!

We're still in the beginning stages of testing, but we've cooked up a lot to look forward to with our friends at Kimono. We know the work we’re doing reflects "The Canvas Way" by helping our users feel empowered when it comes to their data. On top of our development focus, an important action item on our list has been strengthening the relationships we have with key SIS providers. We know that by doing so, we’ll find ourselves in a better position to serve you; not just technically, but strategically too.


Our dedication to standards work may come as no surprise, but we still want to brag a little bit about the latest certification notches we've added to our belt. That said, we're pleased to announce that Canvas is now an IMS LIS and Access 4 Learning (A4L) SIF® certified product. What does this mean for you? We thought you'd never ask! For our higher education clients, the LIS standard unlocks a deeper integration with a number of SIS providers, allowing you to have better control over your Canvas rosters and grades. SIF® is equally as important to our K12 clients around the globe for these same benefits. To top it all off, we’re just about ready to queue up OneRoster® 1.1 and start the certification process; testing is underway with a few key SIS solutions and beta customers to ensure our implementation of the standard is best aligned with the needs of our clients.

Have questions?

If what we've talked about today has left you feeling a little unsure, and you have questions about how all of this affects you and your school, district, or university—we want to hear from you. Your Customer Success Manager and our Partnerships team have an open-grill policy and are standing by. 

Keep Learning,

Kurt Showalter
Senior Manager, SIS Partnerships & Alliances at Instructure