Setting Examinations Free

Students and learners are more digital than ever before. Classrooms have long been enhanced by laptops, iPads, and smartphones where the market for applications and platforms have skyrocketed. But when faced with, arguably, the most stressful situation in their lives as a student - exams - suddenly all technology is stripped away, and institutions revert to pen and paper. Surely, students want to take their examinations the same way they prepare for them? 

In 2010, the founders of UNIwise, working in management positions at Aarhus University, identified a student demand to bring and use their own computers for exams. At that time, no technology was yet available that could prevent cheating and plagiarism in digital exams. In just two years, the university digitized 10% of their examination with the help of the digital assessment platform now known as WISEflow

UNIwise spun out of Aarhus University in 2012 and has maintained the focus on higher education. Today over 60 institutions worldwide use the digital assessment platform WISEflow to deliver high-stakes examinations across all faculties and subjects. 

Through Canvas, students can easily access WISEflow with the same single sign-on username and password, making the whole student journey fully digitized. Like Canvas, WISEflow is optimized to work on all devices, effectively setting examinations and all forms of assessment free! By digitizing examinations, students can be assessed in more ways than just essays and written tests. This includes, but is not limited to: 

-Extensive use of video and audio in both questions and answers.

-Embracing the possibilities inherent in a virtual reality future.

-Using wearables such as smart-watches and heart rate monitors as assessment methods.

-Wholly different ways of doing examinations!

In an R&D project funded by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 framework, UNIwise is already exploring advanced high-end authentication and learning analytics functionalities, which makes it possible to conduct 100% secure digital exams for a massive number of students (so-called MOOCs). 

The possibilities are endless by digitizing examinations. Our vision is to set exams free. Plain and simple. To make the assessment and conduct of exams free of any boundaries, limitations, and unnecessary restrictions.

Keep Learning,

Steffen Skovfoged
CEO and Founder, UNIwise