Rallying for Openness

I read research recently that showed unintegrated systems in a K-12 school district cost 15 hours of work every day to try to manage. 15 hours. I experienced that frustration when I was still in the schools doing RtI and PBIS, probably half of my time was spent gathering data from different places so we could look at a student holistically before making decisions.  

We created systems and chose software to streamline it all, but with each new thing, I had another place to go fish out the information I was looking for. Wasn’t all that technology supposed to make my life easier?    

Here at Canvas, we get it.  When software makes things easier, it serves the best interests of teachers and students. That’s why we push so hard to move the needle when it comes to openness and have since the very beginning.  

We first started advocating for the IMS LTI standard in 2011. In 2013, we built the Edu App Center where any teacher can find apps to add to any LMS, not just Canvas. As new standards have developed, we’ve not only supported them (a dozen and counting), but also served as a driving force behind their creation. Whether it’s one of the originals like SIF, the next-generation Caliper, or not yet fully developed like OneRoster (coming soon!), we will always push for  openness because we know everyone in a school has enough to do without spending extra time working around systems that don’t play well together.  

Openness and interoperability ensure we all have more time for what’s really important--our students. That should be a principle everyone in education, including vendors, can rally around. 

Keep Learning,

Hilary Scharton
VP of K-12 Product Strategy, Instructure