A Medium for Kids’ Unique Voices & Teachers’ Unique Needs

From our earliest days, we’ve maintained a commitment to helping kids make sense of the world around them. Recognizing that different kids learn in different ways, we’ve continually rolled out new vehicles through which they can explore and express their unique voices. But we’re also aware that kids don’t just need to understand today’s world—they need the skills and confidence to do well in tomorrow’s world.

We sought to build a suite of creation tools that foster collaboration, communication, and critical thinking—tools that remain consistent with our commitment to kids and are vital to their long-term success in school and beyond.

With Make-a-Map for concept mapping, students can connect and organize clips from our movies along with keywords and other elements to craft visual representations or "maps" of their knowledgeMake-a-Movie lets them make their own BrainPOP-style movies using scenes they build with images from our library; they can also add narration and manipulate backgrounds.

Like kids themselves, no two maps or movies will ever be exactly the same. Each artifact reflects the personality, thought process, and learning style of its young creator. Both tools involve planning, organizing, writing, iterating, teamwork, and analyzing, inherently increasing engagement with our content. Kids are taking ownership of their learning and applying a mindset that will serve them well throughout their education and careers.

But these tools don’t just benefit students. We pride ourselves on supporting teachers with quality options they can put to use however they see fit—whether they rely on us for formative assessment, cross-curricular content, test prep, research, or anything else. That’s why we consider our relationship with Canvas so valuable: Thanks to single-sign-on integration, it’s quicker and easier than ever to access and integrate Make-a-Map, Make-a-Movie, and the rest of BrainPOP.  

With Canvas, we’re removing stumbling blocks so teachers can spend less time setting up, searching for what they need, and remembering login credentials … and more time ensuring their students’ success.

Keep Learning,

Laura Gatto
Instructional Product Designer, BrainPOP