Canvas Commons: the LOR designed to be E-A-S-Y

Sharing is a good thing. We learn early that sharing makes us happy and benefits others. But that doesn’t mean sharing is always easy. Sometimes sharing is H-A-R-D. So today, we’re announcing a tool called Canvas Commons that makes it easier to share your smarts (even with your antegropelos-wearing corpsbruders).


Years ago when we first looked at the LMS industry we saw the unmet need for a solution that was based in the cloud and that would actually get used by teachers and students. And now with over 12 million teachers and students teaching and learning on Canvas, we’ve had the privilege of seeing some of the amazing things they’ve done. Brilliant courses, powerful learning objects, true innovation in education.

We realized that this brilliance needed to be easy to share and easy to access. And like our experience with the LMS, when we looked at today’s Learning Object Repository (LOR) solutions, what we found disappointed us. It was simply more technology that failed to get used.

So today, we’re announcing Canvas Commons, the LOR that does away with complexity and makes it easy to share, search, and use high-quality educational content in your higher ed or K-12 courses.

Cavas Commons' Homepage

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Here’s what you can do with Canvas Commons:

  • Build courses in Canvas and then share in Commons. Everything from your complete courses, to lesson plans, outcomes, assignments, and quizzes.

  • Create a personal learning object repository to keep to yourself, so you have a single, central location for all of your education assets and you don’t have to search endlessly for old resources.

  • Leverage Canvas Commons' Public Repository for relevant materials (filtered by subject, grade level, institution, and resource type) and assemble courses without spending countless hours creating materials from scratch or scouring a long list of external sources.

  • Incorporate resources and content from Canvas Commons into Canvas courses instantly.

  • Share across the entire network of Canvas users or share specific learning resources under a license that fits your goals.
Canvas Commons' Public Respoitory 

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So get excited for an easier way to start sharing your revolutionary learning content with the world. Or play favorites and share selectively. Or share with no one but yourself. As to whether or not you choose to share your cheese sandwich with fuzzy blue monsters in the park (who may or may not be master spellers), that’s totally up to Y-O-U.

Keep Learning,
Kate McGee
Product Manager