The 411 on the Canvas Community

In the four hundred and eleventh year of the Gregorian calendar, a British R&B group used a telephone directory assistance number to find and buy a Volkswagen from the 1960s. OK, not really. Even though some of you may remember 411 A.D. as the year we said goodbye to Constantine III, most of us think of 411 in reference to information (i.e., “What’s the 411?”).

Armadillo411 = Knowledge = Power = Bacon

From the time our first customers signed on with Canvas, we made it a priority to provide a place where they could communicate with one another and get the 411 on Canvas. That’s why we created the Canvas Community, an open forum where users can document their Canvas experience and access guides and training resources.

We’re close to celebrating the third anniversary of the community, so we thought we’d buy a piñata and point out a few things we think are cool.

  • We get about 80k page views in the Canvas forums every month.
  • We have a team of Canvas Coaches monitoring our forums and answering questions about Canvas in under 24 hours. (Unless you stump us. Then we reserve the right to take a little more than 24 hours.)
  • We sponsor live synchronous events—both online and face-to-face.
  • With every production release, we post release notes and short, three-to-five minute New Release Screencast videos. You can find production and beta release notes here.
  • Our documentation team is continually working to update more than 1,000 learning guides, which are current and translated into four different languages. 
  • Our product training videos get between 6,000 and 7,000 plays per week. We caption these videos in English, Chinese, and Spanish. (Video voice overs in Mandarin are coming soon.)

In addition to the guides, forums, and videos, Canvas provides even more resources to help people teach and learn about Canvas. So even if 411 goes out of style, our commitment to keeping you in the loop never will.

Keep learning,
Scott Dennis