Success—Unleash Yourself

Whether it’s something simple as riding a bicycle or difficult like pushing yourself to reach new heights in education, success is possible for all learners. Now through a new, free Canvas Network course from the University of Agder, you can gain insights on how to do that.

Success—Unleash Yourself is a nine week, hands-on course that is designed to introduce you to four main focus areas: mindset, starting point, goals, and tasks - individually and as part of a team. For those who would like to progress further, we offer extra materials and extra support. Please keep in mind, that this is an investment into your future.

John Tabuti, a student from Uganda said, “I undertook the training and found the material absolutely fascinating and easy to use. I learnt many useful success techniques, such as the value of breaks and how to work with them, the Pareto principle and many more. The golden habits were simply fantastic.”

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You can enrol for the Success—Unleash Yourself course here. It will begin 26 March and continue through 4 June 2018. Join us on a journey to lifelong learning!


Keep learning,

Andreas Prinzr
Professor, University of Agder (Norway)