Stories of Change: Viktor Rydberg Gymnasium

Viktor Rydberg Gymnasium is part of a group of public schools in Danderyd and Stockholm, Sweden. We want to give our high school students an engaging, personalised learning experience to prepare them for success in tertiary education and give our teachers the opportunity to develop innovative approaches to pedagogy. Doing this required investing into a blended learning model.

We had used disparate, outdated IT tools and needed a comprehensive platform that would help us deliver a consistent experience. We evaluated traditional LMS vendors and MOOC providers, but found something different in the Canvas learning management system. Canvas enables flexible, measurable and collaborative learning. Canvas goes beyond just the ‘features and functions’ of other LMSs, and because it’s scalable, Canvas will support us as we grow. 

Find out why we believe Canvas is a game-changer for teachers, students, and staff in this case study. Also, join us this month at CanvasCon Scandinavia to hear a presentation on our staggered adoption process: “6 Digital Schools Under 1 Canvas - Visible Learning at Viktor Rydbergs Schools”.


Keep learning,

Kristy Lundström
Director of Schools and Principal at VRG