When Social Collaborative Learning Meets Tech

We always strive to keep students engaged, no matter how big or small that class is. Teachers often come up with big plans to try to prompt group discussion and collaboration, only to see those plans dissolve into chit-chat. However, when done correctly, we can make learning a social construct, a way to tap into a real education community.

Social and collaborative learning theories include teacher-student, student-student or teacher-teacher interactions that lead to desired outcomes for the individual or group (think group assignments or projects) and sparks creativity and idea-sharing. Adding technology makes teaching practices more efficient and impactful, whether inside or outside the classroom.

In the third instalment of our 2018 webinar series, you’ll learn the first steps you’ll need to embrace Social Collaborative Learning and how to leverage technologies in your teaching. Reserve your spot for our webinar and become part of this exciting discussion. 

To learn more about some of the wider impacts these strategies and others can have on your teaching, check out this overview our entire K-12 Canvas Keep Learning Series.


Keep learning,

Tristan Penrose
K-12 Regional Director, Instructure