Top 5 Reasons for Teachers to Be Excited About InstructureCon

Do you need a blog post to get you psyched about InstructureCon? Well, you are on the right webpage my friend. Buckle up! 

1. The People

Do you like math? Did you know that density is equal to mass over volume? Well Keystone, Colorado is going to have a mass-ive (see what I did there?) number of awesome educators in a small volume. That means the Density of Awesomeness will reach unprecedented levels. You will be able to learn from people all over the world and bring back more ideas than you’ll know what to do with. Seriously, talk to everyone you can and ask them this question, “What awesome thing are you doing with Canvas?” You will not be disappointed!

2. The Sessions

Can you believe how many sessions get put on every year? Go check out the YouTube playlist from last year, it’s huge! They have sessions for programmers, educators, admins, instructional designers, and so much more. The hardest part is choosing which sessions you have to miss.

InstructureCon 2018 logo

3. The Keynotes

Don’t skip out on these! They range from the inspirational to the informative. It is so great to see some of the Instructure employees get up to talk about how passionate they are about their product. It gives us users real insight into their motivations and design process.

4. All The New Stuff

I don’t know about you, but I love being in the know. Instructure saves all the cool product announcements for InstructureCon. You’ll be the first to know about all the new stuff they’ll be adding over the next year. Think of how jealous all your friends will be when you find out they’re creating a new quizzing engine or finally adding Klingon language support. Qapla!

5. Wanting To Change EVERYTHING

Every time I leave InstructureCon, I am so pumped and bursting with ideas that I just can’t wait to get home and tell all our administrators how we are doing everything wrong. Seriously though, you won’t even know where to start when you get back home because all the ideas will take you down a dozen different paths. So my advice it to write it all down while you’re excited because you know that things move glacially in the realm of education. You don’t want to lose all those great ideas waiting on someone up the food chain to decide that “because we’ve always done it this way” is not a good reason to keep things from changing.

Okay, so that’s five but if you made it this far then I’ve got a bonus reason for you: the food and entertainment are also pretty great!


Keep learning,

Matt Hanes
Digital Learning Integration Specialist, Muscogee County School District (Georgia)