Roadmaps Are So Yesterday

Rotary phones used to be awesome. And by “awesome,” I mean clunky and annoying. First off, you had to actually turn a dial to call someone. If their number had two zeros, you could probably walk to their house faster than you could dial. Then there was always the whole “my finger slipped out of the number hole halfway through the turn” thing. And once you passed through the dialing gauntlet, your conversation was held within a tangled cord’s distance of the phone jack. And untangling the cord? Uh, no. 

Rotary PhoneDialing tips from Ma Bell.

Much like the rotary phone, we’ve decided annual (or even six-month) roadmaps are byproducts of yesteryear meant for people who developed software a decade ago (ahem). Recently, we introduced a new way of gaining insight into the Canvas development world with a tool we call Canvas Studio.

Several months ago, the topic of roadmaps came up, and as we’re prone to do, we thought hard about their real purpose, and wondered if there was a better way to share our vision for Canvas. We wanted to go beyond the roadmap’s momentary transparency and find a way to be continually transparent. We wanted to pull back the curtains and give people real-time access to see the stuff we're working on.

With Canvas Studio, you can see our development plan and what we’re working on at any given time. While you’re there, you can access guides, release notes, and other information about product releases. We even have an automagical counter that shows you our last code check-in. Nerdy? Yes. Neato? Also yes.

We’ve also introduced some new functionality with our last release that we call Feature Options. Feature Options allow institutions to choose when to roll out major new features to their teachers and students. Not sure your teachers and students are ready for a major new feature? No problem. Shelve it until you’re ready or until the current term ends when we will typically turn it on for everyone.

We’re excited to be cutting the cord and moving yet another step forward into the future with Canvas. Enjoy Canvas Studio and Feature Options!

Keep learning,

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