Plugging Canvas into a K-12 Initiative

If you’ve traveled internationally, you probably know that North American electronic devices, which use plug types A and B, can’t be plugged into sockets on most other continents (and vice versa). So taking your laptop from the U.S. to Spain means carrying type C and F adapters in your suitcase. And if you cross the border into France, you’d better have a type E adapter, or you might as well leave your MacBook in Barcelona.


Fortunately, in the world of K-12 technology initiatives, connecting your personal learning device to Canvas isn’t so complicated. Whether you’re launching a 1:1 or a BYOD initiative, you’ll never have to worry about adapting your teachers’ or students’ devices to your school’s LMS. If your iPad, laptop, smartphone (or whatever) has an updated Web browser and access to the Internet, you’re Canvas ready.

Even if your school’s device ratio isn’t anywhere near 1:1, Canvas provides the easy-to-use, built-in tools and everywhere access to help you make flipped classrooms and other blended learning models successful. You plug in the content, and Canvas provides a place and platform to deliver it. Easy.

The Sweetwater Union High School District near San Diego recently adopted Canvas
as part of its 1:1 initiative. Within the next six years, Sweetwater will equip each of its 44,000 students with personal electronic devices. David Damico, Sweetwater’s director of Educational Technology and Alternative Education, believes the LMS a district chooses is more critical to the success of a 1:1 initiative than which personal devices students use. To learn more about how Sweetwater is using Canvas to deploy such a massive 1:1 initiative, watch the video at the link below.

And next time you leave the continent, buy the jumbo adapter set with all 14 types of plugs and sockets—because, hey, if you decide to make a side trip for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, you’re gonna need a type N plug.

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Linda Larsen