Canvas Up

Welcome to the new us!  Lots of changes and lots of new fun. So, what’s up with all the new stuff? Why change and why now? Well, on Feb 1st, 2011, we put out a video and launched our new product. At that time, the term “canvas” was an obscure word associated primarily with a blank painting surface.  21 months and over 250 customers later, Canvas has come to mean much more than that in the education industry.

New Canvas LogoThis is our new logo. Ta Da.

In the same way, there’s more to this new brand than a logo and a color palette. The visual stuff has a role, but behind it is the structure and meaning of what Canvas represents.  The foundation of communications is called a brand promise -- a single sentence that captures the essence of who we are and what we do. Ours actually has as much to do with you as it does with us.  

We enable individuals to transform learning

Here’s how we break this down. It’s connected to:

Who we are


Products shouldn’t just look good -- they should be good.  We think that kind of authenticity is pretty easy when you actually believe in what you’re doing. This authenticity also extends to relationships--we think it’s important to interact with our customers (and people in general) like humans and friends.  


If we had a theme song, it would be “Careless Whisper”.  Our unofficial mascot is the panda and no one questions why. We think that a big part of creating a product that isn’t boring is creating a company and experience that is the same. 


There is a bit of rebellious blood in our veins.  Our favorite question is why, but only when we’re willing and able to offer the how.  We challenge our competitors because we refuse to stop trying to be better.  We aren’t afraid of change -- we thrive on it. 

Pandas RockWhat's not to love about these rockstars?

What we do

We do our best to make Canvas a great product.  But that isn’t what makes Canvas special.  Canvas is powerful because of what each individual person does with it.  Each person has a story, perspective and potential that Canvas allows them to share in a way that transcends limitations they’ve had to accept before.  

Why it matters

People are redefining how they teach and learn and Canvas gives them a place to apply their imagination. Giving better opportunities to learn is the fundamental way to improve lives--and we believe people care about Canvas because it represents the ability and opportunity to learn in new ways.

So, it’s a new look, a new feel and a new website. And it’s all so that even more folks can learn not only about Canvas, but even more importantly about the cool things you are doing with it to transform learning.  Expect more stories and info over the next few weeks and months.  And if you have a story to tell about Canvas, we want to hear it.

Keep learning,
VP Marketing