Can I Get a Guide?

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

-Benjamin Franklin 

As a learning management system (LMS) administrator, I come across a lot of the same questions every day. Sometimes you can take this as a sign that you need better training, that you're not doing your job well enough, and that you might need that second coffee to face the same question that came across your desk for the fourth time that day. 

Part of this really can come down to training. I'm in the process of going through responses from a survey we posted about a month ago to our general staff regarding our technology from all third party services. Things that range from our SIS, to our interdepartmental messaging system, to our LMS, Canvas. We had a great response of about 150 participants, most of whom left comments. This is an example of us striving to find the need and meet it by seeing where we can guide users towards a better understanding of the tools that are at their disposal. 

Another part can really just come down to being there for people when they need it. Sometimes, instructors don't have time to research an answer themselves. As an admin, yes, this can be frustrating, but I'm reminded that we are there to help and support our staff. 

“She told me, ‘Sister, when you get, give. When you learn, teach. These are lessons to live by.’"

-Maya Angelou 

One of the quintessential cornerstones of being an LMS admin for me is the Guides space in the Canvas Community. I reference guides multiple times a day and link them to instructors and staff because sometimes, giving a step-by-step visual is so much easier than trying to verbally walk someone through it. 

I owe much of my job's success to our Canvas Documentation Team and its relentless work in getting things documented in an easy-to-read and understandable fashion, including monthly Release Notes.

The more I work with other technology, the more I appreciate how thorough Instructure (I say Instructure as a whole since there are tons of guides on Bridge as well as Arc which are separate products) is with their documentation. It's a major lack in the tech industry, and one I really feel they are doing a great job to combat the norm. 

Thanks for helping us be the best guides we can be by guiding us with Guides! 


Keep learning,

Roxanne Conroy 
System Administrator, Independence University (Utah)