Pizza and Partners

My favorite pizza is BBQ chicken and bacon (mmmm ... bacon!). My kids like plain ol’ cheese, or when adventurous, pepperoni. Pizza is great because each person can personalize it to their tastes. In other words, pizza is a platform. Canvas is also a platform—a learning platform. It’s like educational pizza. Start with a solid base and add the tools that fit your personal teaching style.

Pizza ToppingsPizza is the ultimate food platform.

Back in March 2012 we launched our Extension and Integration Library. Today that library contains over 70 LTI integrations that enable Canvas to work with all sorts of cool stuff. Since June we’ve had discussions with over 180 potential partners, big and small, who offer solutions for teachers and learners. We currently have 30+ integration development projects underway that span a variety of higher ed and K-12 solutions.

We’ve recently delivered integrations with products like Blackboard Collaborate (yeah, we don’t compete with Blackboard *all* the time), Pearson MyLabs and Adobe Connect (coming at the end of the month). We’ve also seen very creative integrations from lesser-known but equally great companies like Open Tapestry, PiazzaKnowillage, Via Response and eXplorance. We’re also working to improve existing integrations like Panopto, Turnitin, Cengage, Pearson, McGraw Hill, MacMillan, ShareStream, CourseSmart, Turning Technologies, i>clicker and

Finally, we’re actively planning integrations with Ellucian, Microsoft Office 365,, EvaluationKit, Wiley and several others we look forward to publicizing soon.

As you can see, we’re trying to give you as many topping choices as possible for your Canvas platform. If you don’t see the integration you’re looking for, then get involved! Tell us what solutions you’d like to see integrated. Encourage your favorite solution providers to invest in a Canvas integration. Or roll up your sleeves, learn a little about LTI and build your own integration—who knows, your tool just might be as cool as BBQ chicken and bacon pizza.

Keep learning,
Mike Z
Sr. Director, Partnerships