Happy Thanksgiving Canvas Friends

There are two types of people in this world: those who play Christmas music before Thanksgiving and those who don't. I was raised in a home that, for better or worse, liked to keep a little separation between holidays. Growing up we had a hard and fast rule in the Whitmer home: No Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. 

Happy ThanksgivingHappy Thanksgiving.

So, for those of you who are still holding strong in the spirit of Thanksgiving (and looking forward to some tasty vittles on Thursday), we here at Instructure wish you a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday.

Thank you all for being dedicated to teaching and learning. Thank you for your support.

And in case you're interested in learning a little something new about Thanksgiving, here are some interesting facts and not-so-facts:

  • FACT: The establishment of the Thanksgiving Holiday in the U.S. is mainly due to Sarah Josepha Hale, author of Mary Had a Little Lamb. She petitioned U.S. presidents over the course of 20 years for the holiday.
  • FACT: In 1941 the U.S. Congress declared Thanksgiving to be on the fourth Thursday of November.
  • FACT: The U.S. consumes approximately 270 million turkeys around Thanksgiving (5 billion pounds).

  • MYTH: The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in America (TRUTH: The festival usually referred to as the first Thanksgiving was actually a harvest festival -- before coming to America, days of thanksgiving were often celebrated in England and throughout Europe).
  • MYTH: Turkey makes you drowsy (TRUTH: The levels of Tryptophan in turkey is comparable to other meats).

Keep learning,