Open source and CKRefreshControl

Instructure embraces the open source community. We leverage many open source projects in our work. We also provide an open source learning platform to the world, Canvas, that is leveraged by millions in their learning endeavors.

Napoleon - Jurassic CowboyImagine Waterloo with a better tool.

While we continue to push new code to Canvas on a regular basis, we have also released many other smaller projects to the open source community. If you're looking to create an LTI tool, migrate MySQL data to PostreSQL, or run your own coding competition, we've got something for you.


Today we're excited to announce that we're giving back to the iOS community. The project is CKRefreshControl. It is a drop-in replacement for Apple's UIRefreshControl that is backwards compatible with iOS 5. It was written for use in our Canvas for iOS app as a means to continue supporting older devices. We know that app developers are having to solve this same problem, so we wanted to share our solution with them. That way they can focus their efforts elsewhere.

If you are an app developer wanting to add pull-to-refresh functionality to your app, give this a whirl. Our developers worked to assure that our refresh control is 100% API compatible with Apple's refresh control. This means you can write your code as if you're using the built-in framework, and it just works. For users on iOS 5, they see our refresh control. For users on iOS 6, they see Apple's native refresh control. It's that simple.

Get It

Here's the code:

Here are some pictures of it in action:

CKRefreshControl screenshot

Keep learning,
Mark Suman
Product Manager, Mobile