We Have a Plan: Canvas Status Communication Plan

As many of you are aware, we recently had a ‘bad day.’ Well, we took that bad day back to the drawing board to figure out what we could have done better in the event it happens again. Besides the obvious ‘let’s just not let that happen again,’ we came out with some good stuff. One of the most notable is that we decided to make our communication plan available to all of you (for those who like officialness, we call it our Canvas Status Communication Plan). So, here’s what you can expect if Canvas decides to get cranky in the future.

Switchboard OperatorsCommunication should flow freely.

First, we have multiple redundant alerts in place to let us know if Canvas goes down or begins to perform poorly. If that happens, our operations team notifies our Client Services department immediately (day or night) of an issue. Then they start to dig in.

Next, the clock starts. When we’ve internally identified an issue, our goal is to proactively communicate with our customers within 5-15 minutes. We give ourselves a little cushion here for the operations team to validate and understand the extent of the issue. Our aim is to provide as much detail as we can right out of the gate.

Communications will be handled through the following channels to let you stay appraised of the situation:

  • Email: Client Services will email LMS administrators and all those who opt in to receive a notification when an issue occurs.
  • Twitter: Client Services will post updates from @CanvasSupport.
  • Website: Client Services will post detailed updates to the Canvas Status Update page in the Canvas Community.

Following the initial communication, we will post updates through the same channels every hour following until the appropriate fix has been identified. At that time, the new schedule for ongoing updates and communication will be announced.

No one likes downtime. In the event of future Canvas heartburn, our goal is to keep you informed. We appreciate you as customers and partners and intend on communicating openly and honestly with you. It’s just who we are.

Thanks for making us better,