Mebipenny Challenge 2012

How about this for a mouthful:

Well, that's exactly what you're in store for as we get ready for our 2nd annual Mebipenny Challenge where $10,485.76 is on the line. And pride.

This year we're also mixing it up by giving out, in addition to the main prize, $500 prizes to at least the entire top 10. Think you're not good enough to win $10,485.76? Well you're probably good enough to win $500. Think about it.

These are pennies. Lots of pennies.These are pennies. Lots of pennies.

So, for those that weren't around last year, here's how it all breaks down.  It's a one day competition for coders.  Last year the competition was split into two phases. The first phase was an online challenge round hosted by custom coding competition software we wrote. The final round, held in-person at Instructure HQ, required competitors to write an artificial intelligence bot to play a game inspired by "Dots and Boxes" against other contestants' programs.

fun times with pandasThis will be fun.  

We had over 600 people sign up to find out more about the competition and more than 300 people actually logged into the online contest portal. During the online competition, 180 people submitted at least one code solution, 2,570 code solutions total and one winner of the mebipenny check. You can read much more about last year's competition (including links to the past problems) on our blog.

This year, contestants can expect more fun and games with a few twists and turns. So, if you think you've got what it takes - and you'll be in the Salt Lake City area on September 8 - sign up at

Zach Wily
VP Engineering

PS: Yes, you're right - this is a very thinly-veiled recruiting exercise. If you compete, you run the risk of getting a very good offer to work at a very good company